Plea for Help

4 very sick little kittens and we are out of funds! These guys have cost $60 so far with more to come. We desperately need donations! Food, litter, money, all are welcome! Can anyone help? All donations are tax deductible. You can paypal crowcatrescue@animail.net, and let us know if you'd like to sponsor a specific kitten. Will get pics up soon if we can get the camera working again. Thank you!



First, check out our new Petfinder page! King, Owl, and Twiggy are getting a lot of attention.

Next, update our info. We've moved and our new phone number is 719-256-4671. Please be advised that we cannot take in any more cats at this time, but feel free to call for consultations, advice, or to find out about adoptions or the rescue in general.

Lastly, we're now more active on Facebook than we are on this blog, so please pop over and check us out!



iGive : Raise money for CROW Cat Rescue, every time you search the web.

iGive : Raise money for CROW Cat Rescue, every time you search the web.

We have 8 supporters so far and have raised $20.19 so far. As soon as we hit $25, they'll cut us a check the next month. Who thinks we can get CROW a $25 check this January? Less than $5 left to earn!


Shire, our newest addition

Check out his story (with pictures) here!


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If you search or shop through iSearchiGive.com, you can automatically earn donations for CROW Cat Rescue. Just keep it legitimate, please!

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Kit Kat




Kit Kat is a young spayed female, almost a year old, who came to CROW when her owner died suddenly.


Yoda has been adopted!

And his new family paid his remaining vet bill balance as well. Yoda is now Nimbus and is happily settled in his new home. Yay!


Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen!


Confirmed Case of H1N1 in Iowa Cat

Or as Yahoo! news reports, "I Can Has Swine Flu?"

This Wednesday, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported the first confirmed case of H1N1 in any house pet. The patient is a 13-year-old house cat. Two of the human family members had been sick, so vets at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine tested the cat for H1N1, and the test came back positive.

Here's the H1N1 patient
photo credit: David Silverman/Getty Images

More news reports:
and here


Lydia--Grumpy Senior Cat

Lydia is an old lady cat whose owner died. She languished, depressed, in a small cage for several weeks afterward, and then transferred to CROW. She hid under the bed growling at everyone who walked by for about a week, and is still prone to snapping unpredictably. However, she is declawed and nearly toothless and couldn't hurt a fly. Her temper tantrums are decreasing, and she purrs mightily, loves being petted, has a love/hate relationship with the brush, and has slept in human arms the past two nights. Her heart is opening again and she is feeling love.




She has difficulty with her hind legs, and has an awkward gait, and falls if she is rushed. The rest of her body is very coordinated. She is so old and skittish that it will be a couple of weeks before she can handle getting blood drawn, but plans are in place to evaluate her as much as possible in the meantime.


Deaf Cat with Rainbow Eyes



One blue eye, one golden eye. Stone deaf. She loves watching TV, hanging out on the couch, being held on her back like a baby, and having her fur ruffled.


Yoda had his surgery today

It went well, and he came through it so strong that they sent him home early. He looks a bit worse for the wear, but should heal beautifully. Just picture white fur everywhere there isn't. :)

(He was still a bit dopey in these pictures, but is returning to normal now.)