Deaf Cat with Rainbow Eyes



One blue eye, one golden eye. Stone deaf. She loves watching TV, hanging out on the couch, being held on her back like a baby, and having her fur ruffled.


Yoda had his surgery today

It went well, and he came through it so strong that they sent him home early. He looks a bit worse for the wear, but should heal beautifully. Just picture white fur everywhere there isn't. :)

(He was still a bit dopey in these pictures, but is returning to normal now.)





More Yoda

He has just about 36 hours left before his surgery. He is going to feel so much better!

Unfortunately, his ruptured eye has ruptured again, so his once clean face is a mess again. However, it still doesn't slow him down much.


The Ball


Thanks to all who have donated toward Yoda's surgery. We'll keep you updated on his recovery. :)


Oreo and Tiger

These sweet brothers are staying at CROW until the new year while their owner undergoes very difficult medical treatments. They are comfortable and settled in and are doing great!



Yoda needs help

Late in the evening on October 12, the son of CROW's secretary heard frantic mewing outside their country home. (The cats know where to go for help, don't they?) Thus, Yoda* came into our lives.


This picture was taken that night. This poor little 10-week-old boy was emaciated and starving, blinded, horribly sick, and cold. Some TLC unearthed his eyes and nose, and he seemed immediately grateful for the warmth and food provided. The vet diagnosed him with malnutrition, frostbite (on his ears), an upper respiratory infection, and--worst of all--a ruptured eye.

The vet recommended we wait 2 weeks from his initial appointment so we could clear up his upper respiratory infection and get some weight on him before he undergoes surgery. In spite of the extreme pain he must be in, Yoda is mellow and playful, curious and affectionate, and just an incredibly cool little cat. His good eye is a beautiful golden color (much like Bubba's), his frost-damaged ears tip back just slightly in the most charming way, and he is putting on weight. Ideally, he will have his bad eye removed on Monday.

Unfortunately, recent large vet bills for Henry and Baa (major dental problems) have nearly wiped out our funds, and while we have a fundraiser planned for next month, Yoda needs his eye out before his pain will stop. We know times are hard for a lot of people, but if anyone can spare even a few cents, we can get closer to helping Yoda begin a pain-free life. Please, if you are able, paypal a donation of any size to CrowCatRescue@animail.net, mail to the link on the right, or pay the vet directly (under CROW's account):

Alpine Veterinary Hospital
2835 Sherman Avenue
Monte Vista, CO 81144

Please send all the love and good energy you can spare to Yoda and the other CROW Cats. We'll keep you posted! Thank you!

*name subject to change


Happy birthday to CROW!

CROW is one year old already!


Thanks for joining us on our journey!