Wow, almost a whole week without posting! Don't worry, everything is fine here at C.R.O.W. Bubba is more affectionate than ever and back up for adoption, Lola is healing beautifully, and the handful of sick kittens are still slogging their way though this upper respiratory infection, but will be fine soon.

We got a call about a feral cat covered in porcupine quills and are working on trapping him and getting him to the vet, where we'll get the quills removed and get him neutered. Keep your fingers crossed that he's not already trap-savvy!


Hope everyone's holidays were lovely and we wish you all the best in the New Year.


Got Some Healing Vibes?

We have a nasty respiratory bug going around right now and many of our critters are feeling a bit under the weather. Fingers crossed that the treatments kick in quick and everyone feels better soon.

photo credit: supercoolpets.com


Product Review: What Were They Thinking?

It's a pet carrier, boom box, and fashion accessory all in one. You know, for those people who.... well, we don't know which people will use this, but we send our sympathies to their pets. And passers-by.

The Lifepop's Stereo Pet Carrier is a large ventilated pet purse, with a built-in stereo and speaker system that hooks up to any iPod, MP3, DVD, CD, PSP player – even a laptop – so that one needn't bother with pesky headphones. Instead, the music is blasted both at the pet in the carrier and everyone walking by.

They are advertised as airplane carryons as well. No, really!


"Lifepop's goal is to bring portable audio devices alive: to make a statement, create an attitude and the freedom for personal expression–without the headphones (and with Fluffy too.)"
--Lifepop press release

Is anyone else tempted to get one just to freak out their neighbors?



What a cute name for a CH kitty! Here is a darling video of Tumbles on YouTube, showing off his strong little body. His gait is very similar to Toby's.


Living With Disabled Cats

Messy Beast has a great article about living with disabled cats. Check it out!


Helen, a mostly blind cat living in C.R.O.W.'s hub home

Zangaro and Baz

Zangaro and Baz are not ours, but their video is a favorite of those who befriend cats with cerebellar hypoplasia, a brain condition that some equate with cerebral palsy in humans. CH causes poor motor skills in otherwise healthy and intelligent cats.

Our Rudy's mobility is very similar to Zangaro and Baz on good days, but he isn't as strong as them yet. Toby's CH is milder than both of these guys. Look forward to videos of Toby and Rudy in the future.


Remember Rudy?

Rudy RooRudy traveled a hard 1500 miles from Tennessee to get to his forever home with us. In addition to his cerebellar hypoplasia challenges, he came down with severe pneumonia shortly after arriving in Colorado. He weighed only 4 pounds when he arrived, and experienced significant weight loss with his illness. He has no body fat and barely any muscle, all with low tone. This results in him having an abnormally low body temperature of about 95 F (instead of 101-102). He is incontinent at this point, but is becoming a bit more predictable, and shows promise of training in the future. Multiple vet visits, medications, energy healing sessions, relapses, and a month of force-feeding later, Rudy finally has an appetite and is making significant progress!

He loves to walk around, in spite of the falls; sometimes he can cross two rooms with no incident, and sometimes only a few steps. He loves climbing up and hanging on blankets, couches, legs, or whatever he can get his happy claws into, and a scratching post is his best friend. He is very attached to people and finds his way into the big human bed most nights, unless he's crashed out behind the heater. His favorite place in the world on the chest of his human mama, his purrs reach the farthest corners of the room, and he is clearly happy to be alive. He likes to bat around puffs of fleece, eat chicken baby food, snuggle with kittens, and listen to human singing. He is very, very loved.

Rudy Roo


Lucas, Take 35

The visuals are lacking, but the audio is worth it. Pump up the volume, folks.

And now an angle we haven't seen before.


Miss Maya

Maya loves to flaunt her beauty and prefers to be appreciated with eyes rather than hands. She likes other cats, ignores dogs, and tolerates humans. If we can catch her, she likes being held and petted, but remains skittish and is content to live side by side with humans, often resting on the couch just a couple feet from a person until they reach out their hand and end up petting air.

She'd make a great mouser and house cat for someone who isn't super touchy-feely with their cats, while also having the potential to become much more affectionate over time.

"Why does that giant keep following me around with the flashing box?"

"Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away."

Maya is vaccinated, uses the litter box faithfully, and gets along well with other cats.


A Twig Like No Other


How can anyone resist this face?


Miss Twiggy sends her love.


Poor Lola

Here she is about 2 months ago, in her sweet beauty.

And here she is now, still sweet and lovable, but also itchy and uncomfortable, and darn near raw between eyes and ears. She has a few other spots on her body, but her head has been hardest hit.

She seemed quite annoyed that I was capturing her current condition on film and has refused to look at me since then. Feel free to reassure her that she's still beautiful.
Photobucket Photobucket

We've had her checked at the vet and she isn't playing host to parasites or contagious in the least; rather, it's a type of allergic reaction. Food is the most likely culprit, so we have her on an elimination diet with special food, and it's a challenge to keep the food separate for all the kitties in her foster home. If anyone is willing to foster her, she is in good health otherwise, spayed, vaccinated, very friendly. She's on antibiotics (oral liquid once a day) and had a steroid shot that should last a couple months. We'd provide food, meds (and training), and check-ups if you can give her a safe and loving home where she can enjoy her fancy food in peace.

Twiggy and Lucas

Twiggy is darling as always and you can see who she is even from the other side of your screen, while Lucas is still larger than life and thwarts the camera's attempt to capture his essence. You'll just have to meet him for yourself.

Can you see Twiggy's tongue sticking out?


If you had trouble finding Twiggy's tongue in the last picture, maybe you'll have better luck with this one:


Twiggy and Lucas are the best of friends and are easy to find. This cat bed sitting on a heating pad is their favorite place in the world.


Mog & Mutter

Mog and Mutter of the Sunday Cats have come a long way from the feral kittens who landed on our doorstep one Sunday. They've discovered the joys of the couch, and the trials of being carried around by a five-year-old kitten enthusiast. They romp with the other kittens and enjoy life.

Here's Mutter, in a very rare photo experience, showing what he thinks of being woken from his nap. Don't worry, he had no trouble returning to dreamland.

Mog, however, was spared a similar interruption and slept through the whole photo shoot.

Both are beautiful young orange "tuxedo" cats (with white chests) and are eager to find a home soon.


The Ultimate Recession-Proof Cat Toy

Hours of fun and entertainment for both the cats and everyone in the room with them. If interest ever wains, you can just pull out a cardboard box, a square of bubble wrap, a few twist ties, and your finest silk shirt.

Anyone can afford to keep their cats entertained with these economical and earth-friendly cat toys. Don't believe it? Then you likely don't have any cats. We can remedy that for you, by the way.



Cooper the cat is documenting his life with a lightweight camera that hangs from his collar and snaps a picture every two minutes. His cats-eye view is on display at Flickr (check it out--there are some gorgeous shots!) and will soon be featured on Animal Planet's new show, Cats 101.

What a cool idea! Stay safe, little fur-man!

Photo Credit: Cross Films.

Comprehensive C.R.O.W.

All right, it's hard to keep up with the daily posting when the C.R.O.W. blogger is on the road. A blizzard has sidetracked the intent to return to routine, but hopefully we haven't lost you all for good.

The C.R.O.W. Rescue kitties are doing pretty well. Lucas is desperately missing his foster family (he didn't get to join TLC-needin'Rudy on the road trip), but is getting good care from the cat-sitter, and Twiggy, Mog, Mutter, Maya, Alice, and Jacob are following his lead. It's always fun when the smallest becomes the leader. Mama Mia is gorgeous and lovable and ready for any home we could throw at her, as are all the aforementioned kittens. Lola and Bubba have had some setbacks and are no longer available for adoption at this point, but they are safe and loved and will be back up for adoption soon.

C.R.O.W. Outreach programs are growing slowly, but are moving in the right direction. We need some volunteers to help us transport and insulate some old doghouses to provide shelter for some of our feral colonies this winter, and we're talking with Alpha Humane League about working together to do educational animal welfare presentations in the schools. We've had several informational articles published in the newspaper, and got lots of phone calls in reply, and are looking into offering some workshops over the winter. In addition, we are working on strengthening our connections with other animal welfare organizations in the area and with the community at large. And Whitney, C.R.O.W. founder and president, attempts to blog regularly. Photobucket

C.R.O.W. Welfare is what we're all about. In addition to all of the above, we have contacts for TNR efforts and hope to have some good momentum going in that department by spring. We've stocked up on vaccinations for all the cats, and routinely refer people to spay/neuter programs sponsored by other organizations in the valley. We're always brainstorming new ways to reach out and help and welcome your input. Also, thanks to those who have donated food, money, doghouses, and time to C.R.O.W. We couldn't do it without you.

Our board has been meeting monthly, and VP Christie and Secretary Shay (Whitney's best friends and fellow board members) deserve a shout-out for their brainstorming and behind-the-scenes work at C.R.O.W. Thanks, guys! We have our business bank account (and are working through a Paypal snafu), have started on the non-profit application paperwork, and are working on our non-blog website.

Can you believe we're only 2 months old? Photobucket


Growing Catnip

Out of town on an impromptu road trip and am lucky to be posting each day. Sorry for the brevity; I'll add more pictures and stories when I get back home. In the meantime, make yourself useful to your cat. ;)


Gifts for Cat People

Cat toys and knick-knacks are fine and good and prolific, but if you want to give the cat-lovers in your life an original gift, check out C.R.O.W.'s picks for the best gifts for cat lovers, all in one easy link.


Don't forget to check back for updates, too.

If you have a cat-lover gift idea, leave a link in the comments. If we love it, too, we'll write up a post, or maybe even ask you if you'd be a guest blogger.


Cat Agility Training?

So your cat can walk rooflines, jump vertically seven times its height, do flips in the air chasing toys, and blur around corners when chasing house dragons. So a dog agility course will be a breeze, right?


Cat Massage


Here's a tutorial for humans. However, we think that amateur efforts are generally very well-received. Don't you agree?


Cat Herding

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

We love geeks!

This is hilarious! "She makes clever use of the earth's gravitational field to keep herself firmly attached to the floor of my living room." What are your favorite parts?


What Breed of Cat are You?

You Are a Ragdoll Cat

You are extremely cute and cuddly. You are downright adorable.

Your personality matches your exterior. You are very laid back and sweet.

You don't really like the outdoors. You prefer to stay inside where it's cozy.

Luckily, you are the perfect houseguest. You are polite and obedient.

How'd ya score?

The Devious Book for Cats

Wrriten mostly by staffers of the Onion, this parody of The Dangerous Book for Boys, et. al. is packed full of cat quirks that will set cat owners rolling with laughter.

buy here

This frisky volume contains a field guide to cardboard boxes, profiles of famous felines, a brief history of the Felinism movement, grooming and staring how-to's, and more. A fun read for all!


Gifts for Cat-Lovers to Give to Their Neighbors

Meet the Scarecrow. Wait, shouldn't that be the Scarecat?

This motion-sensing sprinkler will scare the neighborhood cats (and other wildlife) out of the garden. Great gift for gardeners (or non-gardening grumps) living near a feral cat colony or an indoor/outdoor cat (or three).

buy here

While it startles the cats, it's effective, humane, and good for the earth. Not too shabby. (And it never hurts for a cat person to suck up to their neighbors a little bit.)

And now, a cheesy Scarecrow commercial found on Youtube.

Lucas, the Highly Unphotogenic Darling

These pictures do not begin to do him justice, but you should have seen the outtakes. In 3D, he's a combination of striking markings and adorable fluff. He charms everyone who walks in the door, his purr echoes off the walls, and he finds the smallest human nooks and crannies in which to tuck himself. (Keep your mind out of the gutter, please.)

Snuggling in the arms of a 6-year-old.

Really wanting the camera for himself.

Lucas is available for adoption. Good with cats, dogs, and kids, and would love LOTS of snuggle time. He is extremely attached to humans.


Did you hear?

Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool?


She had mittens.

for sale here

Unnecessary Disclaimer:
Don't try this at home. The above mittens were not actually expelled from a cat.


Pump Up the Volume

Some days this is all we really need.


Mama Mia

Mama Mia of the Sunday Cats is coming along nicely, remembering her past life as a house cat and shedding her feral layers. Only two of us can touch her and we have to move slowly, but she's taken a liking to the camera and is becoming quite a ham. She loves conversation and wooing and dislikes fast movements in her direction.


So much personality in just a tail.


She may be a bit vain.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Or not.

Her increasing ease in the household has brought her babies out from hiding. They shy away from physical contact, but are regularly out in the open now, following Mama's cue. We'll win them over yet.

And now, to cleanse your visual palate of her last pose, here are a couple more:


The Little Orange Ewok

Feel free to offer name suggestions for this little guy. He just came in today, and is less than pleased about it. He lets out a gravelly squawk from time to time to remind me that his world has been turned upside down. Bathtime should be interesting. He is quite a little character.


See my foot?

Where's my mommy? (Can't you just see it in his eyes?)

He'll be spending his first night with us tonight. Send him some sweet dreams, okay?

And don't forget to offer name suggestions in the comments. :)



Who Doesn't Know the Cat Butt Hello?

Butt Hello

If you get your hands on this before we do, please let us know and we'll share your review. :)

(The HTML beginner with a juvenile sense of humor is dying to make an image map out of that picture. Would that be bad?)


Fat Black Cat on a Utility Pole

Today two utility crews, a pair of bucket trucks, and plenty of other safety equipment all contributed to the rescue of Kitty, a fat black cat who had been stuck at the top of a pole near near some 26,000 volt power lines. Yikes!


Kitty climbed the pole on Friday night and finally set foot back on solid ground today, 4 days later. Kitty's human, 13-year-old Gabe, said he would sleep with his window open and could hear Kitty crying all night long. Awww! The neighbors could hear him clearly, too, and said he got louder each night.

Gabe and his family tried every city agency, and while all were sympathetic, none offered to help. Even the utility company initially refused, telling the family that Kitty would come down when he was ready, or hungry, or both. Gabe left tuna at the base of the pole every night, called him constantly, and Kitty still remained stranded.

Finally, after the family contacted the media and let them know they had some trained climbers ready to take action, an NBC affiliate in Seattle contacted City Light, who came out to do the job themselves.

Scott Thomsen, spokesman for Seattle City Light, pointed out that the utility company does not routinely rescue cats (no kidding!), but given the nature of his predicament, figured they were best-suited to do the job. They were particularly concerned that a resident (or their friends) might try to rescue him on their own. Heh. "We're pleased that the cat was able to get back to his owner," he said.

They covered the power lines with protective sleeves, poked and pushed kitty into the loop on the end of a catch pole, and lowered him to people on the ground.


Kitty is finally home.