These little ones were orphaned at only a day old when their mother got hit by a car. They are currently being fostered by a doting caregiver and have already been adopted by a loving family near Greeley, CO. They are only 3 weeks old now and will remain in CROW's care for another 5 weeks before going to their new home. Excuse the blurry pictures of these boys; they're quite squirmy.








Surrounded by young children for a size perspective

Good News!

Mia, Mog, Mutter, and Maya, the orginal Sunday Cats showed up on my doorstep as an unwanted family 5 months ago. This week all four were adopted together and are settling into their new home. YAY!






Goodbye, Rudy

Over the months since he arrived last October and after recovering from the severe pneumonia that followed, Rudy gained weight and grew strong. He even learned how to run on the grass and loved his supervised expeditions outdoors. His running was awkward and wild and more than a little out of control, but his joy was obvious. Always brave and adventurous, my Rudy.

Rudy died in his sleep the night of April 19. We buried him under the lilac bushes, decorated his grave, and sang him goodbye. I'm sorry I didn't share sooner, but I just couldn't. From the start, Rudy and I had an intense connection, and his loss has affected me deeply. I'm so grateful that he got to experience joy and love and grass and sunshine and kitty snuggles and sleeping in a bed and everything that he never experienced in the 8 months he lived in a cage before arriving at CROW. I hope he got to do everything he wanted to do, and I rest easy knowing that I did everything I could for him.

short video


I love you, Rudy. I miss you. Goodbye.



Cat Lost For 2 Years Finds Owners via Facebook

Two years ago, Bob the Maine Coon slipped out of his Minnesota home where he lived with Shane and Nicole Meide and went missing for two years. They never found their 20-lb cat and eventually moved away from their home.

Then, two years after he disappeared, someone found Bob and brought him into the Coon Rapids Humane Society, where they discovered that while he was microchipped, his information was out of date. After checking online for phone numbers with no luck, Coon Rapids Animal Humane Society's Amber Wallin decided to give it one last shot and checked Facebook.

She found Shane and Nicole's Facebook page they had set up just days earlier! "All of a sudden, out of the blue, we get an e-mail saying, 'Hey, we found your cat,'" said Shane.

Soon, the Meide family was reunited with Bob the cat. Isn't that awesome?




First Jaguar Cub Born in Jacksonville in 28 Years

Nora is in love with life

This old lady doesn't mind one bit that she's deaf and toothless and partly blind with a twisted paw. She loves to eat and snuggle and purr, and spends every night under the covers in the bed of a seven-year-old boy.





Cats of Leisure

A popular evening past-time for some CROW cats.


From top to bottom:
Twirl, the marionette
Lola, the curled up cat ball,
Jacob, the winking one
Toby, every foster's friend
Maya, keeping watch
Mog, butting heads with...
the stuffed dog.