Cat Lost For 2 Years Finds Owners via Facebook

Two years ago, Bob the Maine Coon slipped out of his Minnesota home where he lived with Shane and Nicole Meide and went missing for two years. They never found their 20-lb cat and eventually moved away from their home.

Then, two years after he disappeared, someone found Bob and brought him into the Coon Rapids Humane Society, where they discovered that while he was microchipped, his information was out of date. After checking online for phone numbers with no luck, Coon Rapids Animal Humane Society's Amber Wallin decided to give it one last shot and checked Facebook.

She found Shane and Nicole's Facebook page they had set up just days earlier! "All of a sudden, out of the blue, we get an e-mail saying, 'Hey, we found your cat,'" said Shane.

Soon, the Meide family was reunited with Bob the cat. Isn't that awesome?




  1. How cool! That's a good reminder, too, to keep your info updated if your pet carries a microchip or tags or any other form of identification.