Rudy's almost here!

Here's Rudy in a motel in Denver with some C.R.O.W. folks, after traveling almost 1300 miles. He'll travel his last 230 miles to his new home at C.R.O.W. tomorrow.

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He is eight months old and a petite 4 pounds. Because he has grown up in a cage, he hasn't mastered the wide legged CH walk and the skillful ruddering of his tail. He'll get there, though. Right now he's sleeping in a blanket nest, resting from his journey.

We'll share the details of his travel log after we receive them from his original transporter. In the meantime, thanks to Colleen in TN and Tom the Trucker for getting him 1300 miles closer to us. You rock!


  1. Wow--what a trip! He's such a happy little guy now with such a wonderful loving family! Both you and Sophie look radiant!

    Love, Moby

  2. I can't wait to hear the whole story.