Shelter Your Feral Cat Colony this Winter

Here in our valley, many feral cats freeze to death each winter, and the cities use this as a justification for their trap-and-kill programs each fall. If we can help shelter our feral colonies, then we can save lives. Simple shelters will keep cats warm and dry, which will prevent them from roaming or freezing to death. dry and warm and will prevent them from roaming. With this provision managed colonies can be very hardy in the wintertime. Here are some tips for building feral cat shelters that will become long-lasting safe havens for our four-legged friends:


  • Use a strong box, crate, or doghouse as a shelter.
  • Insulate the shelter with thick plastic or insulation scraps to keep out our strong winds and severe cold.
  • Blankets and towels retain moisture, so use hay, straw, or synthetic insulating material those those used for camping or saddle covers.
  • Leave a small opening just big enough for the cats to enter. Be sure to put the opening on a side of the shelter that's protected from the icy winds.
  • Put the shelter on bricks or pallets to get it off the ground. This will keep the shelter warmer and keep it from rotting.

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