Show Fluffy the Money

The Meow Mix "Think Like a Cat" game show airs this Saturday at 7:30pm/8:30pm on the Game Show Network. This 30-minute show will feature eight human-cat teams attempting to claw their way to a million dollars to the accompaniment of Chuck Woolery's fortune-wheeling love-connecting melodious voice. (Ah, American '80s game shows, how we miss thee.) FYI, American Humane Association Certified Animal Safety Representatives attended the auditions (attended by 1200 cat-human teams) and the game show taping, ensuring the safety of the cats.

Humans will compete to answer general feline trivia questions, and cat-human teams will work together in interactive challenges. And the sponsors of the show will giggle with glee at those DVR-commercial-fast-forwarders who won't be able to escape the marketing messages built into the show itself. "GSN is excited about integrating our customers' advertising message and brand attributes into programming," said John Zaccario, GSN Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales.


Well, marketing is cool for Meow Mix, but there's something cool for the critter community, too, besides the chance for the cats to strut their stuff. The teams have a chance to compete not only for a million dollars, but also $100,000 for a cat-related charity in their community. Even if nobody wins the big jackpot, the top team will still get $2,500 for their cat charity (and $25,000 for themselves). Second and third place will also get $1500 and $1000 for their charities (respectively) along with their $15,000 and $10,000 personal prizes.

And of course, all finalists will win a year's supply of new Meow Mix(R) Wholesome Goodness(TM) cat food. Mmm mmm good. Wait, that was Campbells. Anyway...

Clever marketing scheme, or lame game show flop? Check back with us for our review after Saturday.

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