Product Review: What Were They Thinking?

It's a pet carrier, boom box, and fashion accessory all in one. You know, for those people who.... well, we don't know which people will use this, but we send our sympathies to their pets. And passers-by.

The Lifepop's Stereo Pet Carrier is a large ventilated pet purse, with a built-in stereo and speaker system that hooks up to any iPod, MP3, DVD, CD, PSP player – even a laptop – so that one needn't bother with pesky headphones. Instead, the music is blasted both at the pet in the carrier and everyone walking by.

They are advertised as airplane carryons as well. No, really!


"Lifepop's goal is to bring portable audio devices alive: to make a statement, create an attitude and the freedom for personal expression–without the headphones (and with Fluffy too.)"
--Lifepop press release

Is anyone else tempted to get one just to freak out their neighbors?


  1. Good grief! what a hideous and cruel product. We hate anything that turns animals into commodoties. Ghastly!


  2. hummm I wonder If I could get a cat to stay in it. LOL That could be great for the holidays hehehhe.

  3. ew! why would you do that to an animal its worse than those little bigs celebrities use to carry their chihuahuas around in!