Mog & Mutter

Mog and Mutter of the Sunday Cats have come a long way from the feral kittens who landed on our doorstep one Sunday. They've discovered the joys of the couch, and the trials of being carried around by a five-year-old kitten enthusiast. They romp with the other kittens and enjoy life.

Here's Mutter, in a very rare photo experience, showing what he thinks of being woken from his nap. Don't worry, he had no trouble returning to dreamland.

Mog, however, was spared a similar interruption and slept through the whole photo shoot.

Both are beautiful young orange "tuxedo" cats (with white chests) and are eager to find a home soon.


  1. I'm glad to see a more personal (for C.R.O.W.) post and more pix of the kitties you are working with now. The interesting cat things that you post from other sources are better than nothing, but the ones you write are better than all of them!



  2. Yes, these are my favorite posts, too. :) A mischievous child lost the spare camera battery, so pictures are a bit less frequent than they once were, but I'm doing my best.