Roshi's Tale

A valley resident contacted us a couple weeks ago, concerned because she had seen a feral cat nearby with a face full of porcupine quills. Fortunately, she was able to trap him within a couple of days.

photo credit: Emily Lutringer

Isn't he gorgeous?

We got him neutered and de-quilled, vaccinated and evaluated him, and determined that he had not been feral his entire life. Fortunately for sweet Roshi, his rescuer adopted him, and we sent them on their way with a giant bag of cat food and lots of well wishes. Last we heard, Roshi was working on getting acclimated to indoor life.

We wish Roshi a long and happy life with his new human. Who would have thought that a face full of porcupine quills could make a life so much better? We love you, Roshi!

(We'll provide updates and pictures as we receive them.)


  1. What a great outcome for Roshi! He's gorgeous.

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