Bubba the Beautiful

Bubba has the most luscious coat of any cat at CROW. It is shiny and thick and softer than the air around it. Pictures can't even begin to capture the shine, much less its other qualities.


PhotobucketIn the above picture, it may look like his tail is hiding behind the couch, but it isn't. This is all there is!

He had an old irreparable fracture as a feral kitten and this was all that could be saved.

And believe it or not, formerly feral Bubba is becoming a lap cat. His purrs rattle the room as he soaks up as much petting as he can get, and at the peak of his ecstasy he gets the barest sheen of drool droplets on his handsome chin. Just enough to show his appreciation, but not enough to be gross.



Don't you want a one-eyed Bubba? He's just over a year old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, and ready for his forever home.


  1. Bubba is such a stunner. We remember the previous post about him and how vulnerable he looked. We hope he gets a most excellent forever home complete with quality and capacious laps!

    Whicky Wuudler

    Happy New Year to all at C.R.O.W!

  2. He is SO beautiful, one-eyed or not. Is his eye really that fantastic copper color? I'd take him in a flash if I didn't already have these four doggies...

  3. Oh, he's probably so grateful to be safe and out of the cold. (Oh, and my bro drools like a faucet when he's happy and purring!)