Bubba, the Survivor

Bubba's been around the block. Initially a feral kitten, he tamed easily in a loving foster home. This is him then.


Somehow he ended up with a painful broken tail and ended up back in foster care to recover from having it amputated. He has a couple inches of very expressive tail nub left.

A few months later, he developed an eye ulcer that didn't heal, despite weeks of veterinary treatment. This was the subsequent result:


Yes, he had his eye removed.

Now Bubba is a healthy adult cat with one eye and no tail and an absolutely luxurious coat. He's a bit shy at first, but warms up with one on one time and gets just the tiniest droplets of happy drool when his purr engine really gets going.

These pictures really don't do him justice, but we'll add more when we can.




Bubba is full grown, neutered, and would do best in a home without a lot of other animals. He is currently doing fine in a foster home with kids, dogs, and cats, but we feel he would thrive even more someplace a bit quieter with more one-on-one time. He needs to be an indoor-only cat, due to his limited vision.


  1. Is this the cat that Paige fell in love with?

    I so wish we could bring him home to Kansas, but I think the kitten would drive him bonkers.

    Wishing for a happy home for Bubba.

  2. Yes, thisis the same Bubba tyou met when you were here. :)

    And actually, he really likes playing with kittens and cats. We just think he'd thrive more someplace a bit calmer. (Like your house!)

  3. Actually, Monte (KiKi's kitty) is completely blind and goes outside. Talk to her.



  4. Bubba is a fine survivor of some very bad luck. We like a tuff lookin' tuxie here!

    Whicky Wuudler