Book: The Cat's Meow (Soto)

This short chapter book is targeted to kids ages 4-10 and makes a great read-aloud. The Cat's Meow is decidedly unconventional, unique, and often surreal. Graciella, a bilingual third-grader, is shocked when her beloved cat, Pip, suddenly starts speaking in Spanish.


Our review is mixed. The cat's antics make children laugh aloud, the vocabulary-building is impressive, and the story flows smoothly, but the strange adult behavior can be off-putting, the neighbor's messages about secrecy could be concerning, and Graciella's deception shouldn't be emulated. All in all, we recommend this charming animal fantasy as a family read-aloud, so that parents and children can laugh together and discuss any issues of concern. Read this way, the message are positive, fun, and full of laughter.

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