We're trying to bring Rudy to Colorado

This is Rudy.


He is a 6-month old male cat in Tennessee who needs rescuing. Like Toby a few posts ago (Enforced Licking), Rudy has CH. He needs to be in a home that will accept him for who he is and will give him the space he needs to start learning how to compensate for his disability.

His Tennesee advocate is working on finding transport for him, and C.R.O.W. helpers are willing to do some travel as well.

Think good thoughts for Rudy!


  1. OMG he looks just like the one cat I did get to grow up with Fido LOL. Fido and my moms Felix were born around the same time ;)hence Fido the cat and Felix the dog.

  2. Looks like he'll either come into DIA or someplace (hopefully) closer by truck-driver. He has Tennessee sponsors who are covering his vet bills and transport costs. Yay!