The Crow and C.R.O.W.

As a Native American animal totem, Crow offers others the choice to fly free of the chains of the past and to soar toward a better future. Crow helps others realign with their true path, and can see through the darkest nights to find the way home.

The guardian of ceremonial magic and healing, Crow is always present in any healing circle, guiding the magic of the healing that dispels the illnesses of body and soul.


Those who have Crow as a totem need to walk their talk and speak their truth, putting aside any fear of being a lone voice in the wilderness. Crow is an omen of change.

C.R.O.W. Cat Rescue is based on truth, healing, change, and the future. We strive to make a difference in the lives of cats and people, helping them heal and soar to a better future.

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