Dying owner tries to do her best with her 32 cats

Last week five veterinary clinics in Alabama received 32 healthy cats in various containers labelled "Please do not kill!", along with notes from an anonymous donor, "Miss R" begging the vets to find new homes for her cats because she is dying from cancer. "My time is very, very short," the notes read. "There is not enough time to find homes for my children another way. I beg you not to let them die because I have to, please!"

Each cat's container was clearly labelled with each cat's name, age, description and medical summary. "These cats were dearly loved. They're not feral cats or neglected cats," one of the vets reported to the Bond told the Opelika- News.

The good news? Most have new homes already! Dr. Buddy Bruce at Animal Health Center is offering discounts on all vet services to whoever who adopts one of the six remaining cats in his clinic's care. Dr. Bruce says that the other vets agree with his sentiment: "Let's do what we can to find these kitties homes. These are her children. She took care of the situation the best way she could."

The identity of the dying donor remains unknown. Many hugs to her. She must have felt so desperate.

Good energy and love to all humans and cats involved in this bittersweet story. We hope that the dying Miss R. knows her cats are going to good homes now, and we wish she'd had a better way to deal with her situation. Hopefully C.R.O.W. will grow someday to be able to help in a similar situation.

news video and adoption info here

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