Remember Rudy?

Rudy RooRudy traveled a hard 1500 miles from Tennessee to get to his forever home with us. In addition to his cerebellar hypoplasia challenges, he came down with severe pneumonia shortly after arriving in Colorado. He weighed only 4 pounds when he arrived, and experienced significant weight loss with his illness. He has no body fat and barely any muscle, all with low tone. This results in him having an abnormally low body temperature of about 95 F (instead of 101-102). He is incontinent at this point, but is becoming a bit more predictable, and shows promise of training in the future. Multiple vet visits, medications, energy healing sessions, relapses, and a month of force-feeding later, Rudy finally has an appetite and is making significant progress!

He loves to walk around, in spite of the falls; sometimes he can cross two rooms with no incident, and sometimes only a few steps. He loves climbing up and hanging on blankets, couches, legs, or whatever he can get his happy claws into, and a scratching post is his best friend. He is very attached to people and finds his way into the big human bed most nights, unless he's crashed out behind the heater. His favorite place in the world on the chest of his human mama, his purrs reach the farthest corners of the room, and he is clearly happy to be alive. He likes to bat around puffs of fleece, eat chicken baby food, snuggle with kittens, and listen to human singing. He is very, very loved.

Rudy Roo


  1. awe sooo cute but but but fleece is not cat toy lol

  2. Gosh what a lot Rudy has been through. I hope he continues to improve, the more he moves about the more that muscle should build, bless him. He's such a sweetheart (and so are his humans for sticking by him and nursing him so well)

  3. I love him too! I'm glad he's starting to eat on his own. Will pray for body temp to come up. Give him a kiss from me.

  4. Kisses are distributed and are adding to his bulk. :) Rudy is definitely gaining weight!